Thoughts and reflections on my final year as a Multimedia Student


Project Clay Progress – a short term solution

In the initial stages of this project my client mentioned the desire to have an interactive page that would provide the ability for users to keep track of the latest progress of Project Clay.

During the process this idea was partially dropped as the clients vision for this page was quite significantly out of sync with the project schedule, so i decided to provide a temporary solution.

Despite the client initally stating they didnt want a map, a map they have got! In the future i would suggest building a custom interface that pulls in technology from outside sources such as Googlemaps, Flickr and Wikipedia etc to create the application the client wants. The solution i have come up with at this time is to use a combination of Googlemaps and a site called Dopplr.


Dopplr is a web 2.0/social community site that you can log your past, present and future travel plans. It automatically encodes its RSS feed with GeoRSS data which rather handily can be interpreted by google maps to plot all your travel plans on a nicely embeddable google map.

So i have signed up to Dopplr, input details of countries involved in Project Clay as if i were travelling to them, exported that data to a custom google map and hey presto you have this page…



Client Project – my battles with WordPress!

I have used the full version of wordpress for the stories page in my client project and here is a quick update on how that process has developed…

To give you some background on this, my client wanted a page on the site where they could display the stories of Project Clay participants. They had found the experiences of participants thus far to be fascinating and a page that could be easily up-datable was required so they could aggregate all of the stories from all over the world.

Given the clients complete lack of knowledge of programming a content management system would be required for them to be able to easily update this page. So having expierience with as a blogging system i decided to adapt it and use it as a CMS in this instance.

So what ive basically ended up with is a page that on a normal wordpress installation would act as the blog page, but in this instance its just a collection of stories. In reality its not all that different from a blog page, with the main exception being all the stories will be displayed on one page rather than being archived like a normal blog.

If that doesnt make any sense let me provide some visual reference…


The client would simply log into wordpress and  input the story into the admin panel above, a very simple system to use that requires NO programming knowledge at all, perfect!


Then as if by magic… we have a nicely updated page and the client can continue to add as many stories as it likes due to a handy bit of CSS that will repeat the background on each separate post and the page will continue to grow as stories are added. Long term some sort of categorisation would be necessary, this is something that the client could tie in with their desire for an interactive flash application of the projects progress but that’s another story for another post.

So there you have it, its a blog but its not a blog, it uses wordpress and it makes it all very easy for the client to update without getting stressed about code. Tremendous

Client Project – Keeping track of the design process…

Evening all,

A quick post to provide some ingisht into how myself and my client have kept on top of the design process in this project.

I created this Flickr set


This allowed the client to keep a close eye on the designs i was producing and saved us both the hassle of having to email attachments and comments back and forth. They could simply look at this set and get back to me right away, wonderful!

Have a look at the set to see the evolution of the project, its come a long way since my last post. Another useful thing about collating all these mock ups in Flickr is the ability to look at how the designs are gradually developing all at once, you get a real picture of the whole design process aswell as being able to scrutinise each individual version…

So do check out the Set and let me know your thoughts, do you like where it has ended up?

More posts to follow soon…

This blogging lark isn’t as easy as it used to be!

I have updated this blog far too infrequently this year, the days of my first year when i blogged pretty much 2 or 3 times a week for the whole year seem a long time ago!

Anyway, i am going to make a concerted effort from here on in to update this with my progress as i approach the home straight of my degree (aaaahhhh!)

So without further ado, the topic of today is my client project

My client is a company called Clayground Collective, they are running a project whereby people around the world are encouraged to dig up clay from their local area and send it to London with the ultimate aim being to create a piece of artwork from all the clay that will sit in the Olympic gardens in 2012. An ambitious and exciting project, the stories of people participating are varied and fascinating and my task is to build a website that people can use as a central point for the project. Participants will be able to upload video, pictures and tales of their digging experiences and truly feel part of this project on a global scale.

The creators of Project Clay would be the first to admit their current website needs an overhaul, which is precisely where i come in. I am well into the process of this site now and have been working hard on coming up with suitable designs for this exciting project, of which i shall give a few examples below

An early design concept for the new Clayground Collective website

An early design concept for the new Clayground Collective website

A slight variation on design concept 1.0, some more detail and texture has been added into the background

A slight variation on design concept 1.0, some more detail and texture has been added into the background

Plenty of work to be done on this project yet, i shall post details of the design process of the two above mock ups shortly but for now i must get back to work! Adios!

Final Year Exhibition Idea – When multimedia collides

We’ve been thinking of ideas for a theme to our degree show, we all had to pick a word or concept and expand it into an idea for the branding/theme of the show.

After struggling to think of anything worthwhile on the spot when asked in a recent lecture i went away and had a proper think.

A word that came into my head and captured my imagination was collision.

Students on this course will be graduating with a wide selection of skills, we all have different areas of expertise and all have areas of shared knowledge. So i was thinking we could play on the idea of the show being a collision of all of our multimedia skills.  A huge range of different skills and talents colliding together at once and shooting all over the place in different directions.

To visualise this ive collected some photos of collisions, i like the idea of having a representation of all our skills all feeding into a central object and the result of the collision being our work, similar to the big bang.




The images above are of collisions in space/energy, i dont think our show should mirror this exactly but use the concept as inspiration.

I think the graphics for our show should depict all of our skills and areas, be it in a  typographical or image based nature coming together and exploding into this main object which would be the degree show name/central image.

A definition of the word collide:

verb (used without object)

1. to strike one another or one against the other with a forceful impact;

Our multimedia skills will be colliding against one another at this show, and i like the idea of these skills forcefully clashing together but feeding into a central object and coming out the other side as something else, something more cohesive and fully formed.

Just a few thoughts there, the idea needs to be developed further and some more visualisation produced but in my opinion it has potential.

Inspiration – London Transport Museum

Been meaning to post this for quite a while,  ive been thinking of ways to get inspiration for my work from sources other than looking at websites and reading design blogs.

So i thought i would visit somewhere in the capital city that could maybe provide some of that inspiration,  i decided upon the London Transport Museum as it’s always looked interesting whenever ive been around Covent Garden.

I found it to be a very interesting and worthwhile visit, the place was full of fascinating imagery and artefacts documenting how the city of London has gradually become the huge great mass of networks,roads,tubes,rivers that it is today.

Particularly interesting to me were some of the signs and posters from the early 20th century, i love the old fashioned typography and hand made artwork. A refreshing change from the Photoshop world we live in today, take a look at some of the photos i took ( on my phone so quality isnt that brilliant!)

Mark Crossley

During the summer i was contacted by Mark Crossley, ex station manager of Fly FM and current Trent FM radio presenter, to build a website for him that could showcase his radio demos and provide him with a blog. I took on the project and quickly designed a holding page that would alert users to the fact the full site was under construction whilst still allowing them to hear a few of Mark’s demos.

The holding page looked like this…


This page was a fairly straightforward job, i created a nice textured background in photoshop and designed a collage style image for the header which i think work really well together.

The next step was to begin creating the full site, which i will update you on in my next post…